Online Survey Management System

An online survey management system that offers compilation of questionnaire, target audience, receiving data against a survey questionnaire and converting it into an informative report to get a deep insight into the matter of interest. Survey management System has multiple features:

  • May collect Any type of Data
  • Multiple question types
  • Time bound questions
  • Data analysis & extensive reporting
  • Integration with SPSS
  • Users registration
  • Responsive interface
  • User-friendly GUI

A survey is mainly a 3 step procedure:

1. Design a survey
2. Receive responses
3. Generate analysis report

Software offers detailed features to define different types of questions, possible choices for selecting answers and option to register selected users to fill the response forms. Users can be sent emails with some defined templates about the survey, besides the URL of the survey form where user can log-in by using credentials given in the email and fill up the form.

Responses are received in pre-defined format. Analytical reports are then generated on the base of data received. There may be a mapping layer involved between data received and output of the analysis performed.

It can be integrated with SPSS for further analysis.

Online Exam Management System

A comprehensive online examination system:

1. Define Subjects
2. Pre-defined question types
3. Create a pool of Questions
4. Create an Examination
5. Define Exam Schedule
6. Create Papers of selected subjects
7. Define papers

a. Set Max time to solve
b. Set full marks
c. Define sections
d. Choose questions out of pool
e. Set marks for question
f. Set right answers (for auto marking)
8. Register students against subjects
9. Send auto email with URL to exam and credentials

Now that the Examination is fully defined, students will be able to login to the exam portal but will only be able to start exam according to the defined schedule. Student will be able to solve the paper within his defined timeslot only.

After students have submitted the answers, registered examiners will be able to view the submitted answers, auto checking for multiple choice questions, true/false and Right/Wrong can also be set while for short or detailed question/answers, there is option for manual checking. Once marks are assigned and finalized, will be displayed for respective student to view after he/she logs in.

Rich End-user Experience

Users Management

  • A comprehensive module to add, update or remove software end-user(s).
  • Users are created against one of pre-defined roles, few of possible roles are given below. These roles are defined according to the scope of the software application.
    • -Top Management
    • -Admin
    • -HR Manager
    • -Finance Officer
    • -Inventory Controller
    • -Data entry Operator
  • A quick interface to manage users with simple clicks
  • User Passwords re-setting, activating/inactivating within this module
  • Access control & rights management
    • -our software modules are equipped with authentication and authorization procedure.
    • -Each end-user is given access to its concerned area according to the role assigned to him.
  • Ajax based user interaction
  • Document scanning and attachments
  • Minimum data entry(single point of entry)
  • e-alerts/e-Mail/SMS alerts
  • Documents generation in PDF and Excel format
  • Easy file(s) management
  • Multi-user / user access levels
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Access control and rights management
  • Definition tables and smart drop down list of values
  • Scalability: scope for future development
  • Modular approach towards comprehensive ERP
  • Tight integration between different modules
  • To-Do List
  • Birthday reminder (integrated with HRMS)


We offer comprehensive and very useful reports as per formats defined by our customers. Reports Module offers better business insight for Top Management to know about the ups and downs in business trends and tendencies. It gives the required info in a bird’s-eye view.

Our Reports Module covers

  • Dashboard
  • Statistical Reports
  • Graphical Reports
  • Statistical reports
  • Graphical reports
  • Examples
  • Within this financial year
  • Within certain range of amount
  • Against some specific client
  • Against some specific product
  • For certain period of time
  • By some specific customer
  • Balance sheet
  • Ledgers
  • Profit and Loss
  • Receivables
  • Payables etc and a lot more ....