About ePatronus

about Us

ePatronus is an IT institution that offers Custom Software Development , ERP Solutions, Web Designing & Development, Mobile Application Development and Cloud based software application hosting services.

ePatronus specializes in producing high quality software and web applications in a variety of domains which include ERP solutions, Industry Management Systems, Distribution Management Systems, Patients Management systems, Web Application Development, CRM applications, School Management Systems, Content Management Systems and a lot more.

Our Best Practices, ever expanding knowledge base, chasing the upcoming technologies, better time & resource management and win-win philosophy provides our clients with on-time, in-budget, advanced in technology, user-friendly, cost effective and optimized solutions.

ePatronus has evolved an effective strategy to serve its clients the best of IT services. Our strategy is dynamic and flexible enough to meet requirements of our clients no matter large scale enterprises, SME users, a small business or even a single user. Our cost effective solutions ensure that the smaller organizations or even individuals may get benefits of Information Technology and resolve the IT related issues they are facing.

We have good working experience with a broad range of clients, from around the area, ranging from Individuals to Small-to-Medium to Large-scale organizations.

Our Software and Web Solutions are Cost Effective, Flexible, Advanced in Technology, User-friendly, Innovative, Efficient and beyond all really Successful in meeting exact requirements of our valuable clients.

Business today - in harmony with IT is getting more and more challenging. To cope with this, IT needs a fresh approach towards infrastructure. Technologies are getting advanced, coming together to help construct a dynamic, intelligent and more flexible environment. ePatronus team is here to guide you through the progress towards your goal.

Success of any Business relies, along with other factors, on solid Infrastructure of what today’s technology offers. Effective software and data management can only be achieved with appropriate attention given to the selection of IT Infrastructure and its proper deployment. Infrastructure needs vary from organizations to organization. We try to make it possible for you to have right infrastructure deployed, to guarantee your success in terms of smooth operations of all your business functions.

Our Team & Expertise

We have experts from various IT fields to serve our clients with the best of IT services including Yii based software solutions, Custom ERP software solutions, Web designing, web development, Single-Sign-On Portals, CMS, Business Process Automation, Workflow Applications, Database oriented Management Solutions and a lot more.

ePatronus software and web development team follows Best Practices, already proven successful for different sort of web and software development projects, to deliver products and services that make our clients proud of their choice.

We Believe In:

  • - Spreading Ease through our IT Services
  • - Quality Infrastructure
  • - Customer Satisfaction
  • - Continuous Improvement
  • - Win-Win Policy

We aim to offer ease through our services.

We emphasize quality infrastructure because only a solid base can support an enormous building built over it.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we look for a long term customer relationship. We wish to see you getting maximum benefits out of our solutions and services, to be the best at Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Continuous Process Improvement has a two way effect. Clients give us feedback, we improve services and the solutions, and it strengthens the relationship. Continuously improving the Business Processes and Software Development Lifecycle, to offer the Best of IT services and software solutions

A good bond establishes when it’s a natural alliance that benefits both the ends, i.e. win-win philosophy and that is what we try for.

Our Mission

Spread the ease ! We try to do it through our Software Solutions and Services.

Our Vision

Improve the Business Processes for betterment, one at a time and with time you will reform your complete business model accompained with an ERP

Our Philosophy


Quality Infrastructure

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous Improvement

Win-Win Policy



Established: 2010


Web designing 2010


Web Development 2010


Yii Development 2012 | Customised Woftware Development


Dr. Clicks 2013 | Customised Web Portals


ERP Development 2015 | Custom Software Development


ERP Development - Phase-II | WebDesigning & Application Development | e-Commerce Solution


ERP Development - Pharmaceutical Industry | WebDesigning & Application Development


ERP Development - Revision (.Net Core) | e-Commerce Solution


ERP Development - Manufacturing Industry | WebDesigning & Application Development | e-Commerce Solution | Mobile Apps Development


ERP SaaS/Cloud based/ASP | Websites Designing & Development | e-Commerce Solution | Mobile Apps Development

Why Us

We offer ease through our software solutions.

Our custom made software solutions understand & meet your requirements really well.

Ease-of-use with effectiveness and efficiency

Our solutions are based on web-technologies

We already have developed successful software solutions

We value our customers

How We Work

How We Work

Industry We Serve



Engineering Industry

HVAC Industry

General Suppliers

Solar Solution / Services Provider

Sanitary Stores


Drilling and Petrolium Companies

Hotels & Restaurants

Medical Labs


Institutes (Schools / Colleges / Universities)

Construction Companies



Tools and Technologies We Use

With ever changing development environment of world wide web the importance of compatibility between different applications, environments, devices and web surfing tools is increased and hence demands to use updated tools and technologies in the process of software / web development and its support.

In our software development life cycle we use updated web tools and technologies to meet the need of the hour.

Currently we use the following tools, technologies and platforms:


Our Projects

  • ERP Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Quotation Management System
  • Sales Management System
  • Distribution Management System
  • Biometric Attendence Management System
  • Accounts Management System
  • Static Websites
  • Yii Based Dynamic Websites
  • Content Management System
  • Magento Shopping Cart
  • Customer Support System
  • Complaints Management
  • CRM
  • POS
  • Online Survey Management and SPSS Reporting
  • Online Examination Management System
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Institute Management System
  • library Management System
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Patient Management System

Our Clients

ePatronus IT Solutions – we believe in Quality Infrastructure, Continuous Improvement & Customer Satisfaction. We have clients/prospects from different industries, domains, areas & scope ranging from small to medium and large.

We value our customers and try our best to meet their expectations, as their satisfaction is our priority. We seek great professional & long term relationship with our clients serving them with great of IT services whether it is Websites Designing, Web Application Development, ERP Solutions, Custom Software Services, Content Management Systems, Database Applications, IT Projects, Business Automation, Workflow Applications, Industries ERPs, Distribution Management Systems, Supply Chain Management Systems, Personal/Professional Blogs, Software As A Service Solutions or one from other solutions we offer.

Some of our valuable clients are listed below

  • ats

    Pk flag malayshiaEngineering Sales & Services

    A comprehensive Industry ERP solution with inventory, sales, purchases, HR, biometric attendance & payroll and accounts management

    Web Portal and Data Management

  • dewan

    A Petrolium and Drilling Company

    Supply Chain Management (SCM). inventory management & procurement, Issuance & receiving

  • cncp

    china flagA Chinese Petroleum Company

    Drilling & Engineering Company
    Supply Chain Management(SCM)

  • tesla

    A Solar Industry

    An industry ERP- inventory with barcodes, stock-In/Out, quotations, invoices, receipts, delivery chalans, gate passes, payments etc.

  • House of wellness

    House of wellness

    Mental health & Drug Rehbab

  • Universal

    A Hotel in Islamabad

    HRMS with biometric attendance & payroll management