Why We Choose Bootstrap

If you are now to web designing or developing then don’t worry Twitter Bootstrap is really a very good choice for you to start and more effective in the future.

Several years ago the styling of websites is much complicated then now. Because at that time whole styling is done by yourself but now Bootstrap brings a great opportunity for beginners as well as professionals designers.

Over the last few years bootstrap become more and more popular worldwide.

The bootstrap framework has rich featured benefits some of them are listed below.

  • It provides a great 12 column grid system in which you can easily arrange your content.
  • Provide base styling for most of the HTML elements
  • It is helpful in both situations either to create a fixed width website or full width website.
  • The next thing that is the backbone of bootstrap is it’s built in responsive layout.
  • It increases the development speed.
  • Bootstrap provides consistency to their users.
  • An Important point is that it has well written documentation and provides the best support.

12 columns Grid System:

Bootstrap provides a great 12 columns grid system in which we can easily arrange the content according to the requirement. The grid system is fully responsive.

The grid system is divided into four major screen resolutions

Mobile  ( for mobile resolutions we use class col-xs-* )

Tablet  ( for mobile resolutions we use class col-sm-* )

Desktops ( for mobile resolutions we use class col-md-* )

Large screens ( for mobile resolutions we use class col-lg-* )

Provide base styling for most of the HTML elements

Bootstrap automatically design in such a way that it provides initial styling for all HTML elements.

Just like headings, paragraph, buttons, forms, images, tables and icons etc.

Fixed and full width website

Bootstrap is designed for fixed and fluid layout.  Most cases fixed width websites are used which contain 1170px width and name says fluid layout it is fully responsive and adjust according to the screen resoulution

Responsive Layout

Bootstrap is much more effective in case of responsiveness. It automatically adjusts on all screen resolutions as I discussed above all screen resolutions types. It uses separate media queries for all types devices.

Increase Development Speed

Another major aspect of bootstrap is to increase the development speed of the website. Now a day every one wants to build a great thing with in less time so bootstrap is best approach to handle this situation because it has predefined classes.

It has readymade build in code blocks which are helpful in various situations. This code is written in such a way that it handles the cross browser compatibility itself.


Bootstrap provides a consistent environment for their user to work on.


It has well written documentation. Each and every thing about bootstrap is explained in such a way that every beginner can understand it very quickly and according to my suggestion make the documentation your best friend. So you can find almost everything from bootstrap documentation.


As we discussed various aspects of bootstrap and its multiple advantages but these are not yet completed. Bootstrap is like an ocean the more you dive more you learn.


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