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  • ePatronus – Custom Software Development

    ePatronus delivers Real Software Solutions tailored to meet your exact business needs. Our software products provide our clients with the Best of IT benefits. Custom Software Development ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
    It is your own Software Solution that may meet your requirements!
  • ePatronus – Enterprise Resource Planning

      ERP Step - by - Step
    We implement software modules step-by-step – eventually you get an ERP Management System.
  • ePatronus – Web Solutions

    ePatronus offers complete web solutions under one roof

    Website Designing & Development
    Web Application Development
    Basic SEO
    Yii framework based Web Applications
    Complete Web Solutions, Web Designing, Web Development, Web Application Development, Deployment, SEO,  ePatronus-enterprise IT Solutions
  • ePatronus – Web Development Company

    Corporate websites
    Personal Websites / Blogs
    Signle-Sign-On Web Portals
    Custom Content Management Systems
    Yii based CMS and Web Applications
    Personal Websites, Business Websites, Single-sign-on Web Portals, eCommerce Websites, Content Management Systems CMS, Dynamic Websites -  ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
  • Yii Based CMS – A Total Dynamic Website

    Yii-Framwork A Secure, Fast, Optimized and
    Professionally tuned PHP Framework
    -   Own your Website
    -   Manage it for Yourself
    -   It's Easy, Fast & Professional
    Your Website:
           -   Decent, Innovative & Self Explanatory
           -   Tuned for High Performance
           -   Feature-rich & Content-rich

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ePatronus is an IT institution that offers Custom Software Development , Web Application Development, Content Management Systems and IT Infrastructure / Consultancy Services.

Our Best Practices, ever expanding knowledge base, chasing the upcoming technologies, better Time and Resource management provides our clients with On-Time, In-Budget, Advanced in Technology, User Friendly, Cost Effective and optimized solutions that is a real blessing to them.

ePatronus specializes in producing high quality Softwares and Web Applications in a variety of domains. which includes ERP solutions, CRM applications, Schooling Systems, Web Application Development using Yii Framework, Industry Management Systems, Distribution Management Systems, Patients Management systems, Content Management Systems and a lot more.

A Series of Software Products for Health Sector

Dr. Clicks is a project of ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions. It is a series of software products to facilitate the people or institutions related to the Health Industry: Doctors, Patients, Medical Labs, Medical Equipment, Pharmacies etc. Dr. Clicks will introduce them all with ease of managing their routine tasks and with efficiency.

  • Patients Management System

    Patients Management System

    It is featured with Ease-of-Use, Efficiency and Performance. PMS aims to help Doctors, Patients, Doctors’ Assistants and Medical Clinics. PMS helps Assistants to manage Doctors’ schedules, their Appointments, Queues for a session, Fee collection, Record of Vitals for Doctor’s ease.

    PMS Helps Doctors to prepare Patients’ prescription, view their vitals, attached Lab Reports and record of Prescription against previous visits. Doctors may save their notes against patients.

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  • Lab Management & Interfacing

    Lab Management & Interfacing

    Lab Management System is introduced to facilitate medical labs. It may be integrated with Patients Management System for better and more effective use.

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  • Pharmacy & Accounts Management

    Pharmacy & Accounts Management

    It is state-of-the-art management system that deals with all the comprehensive functions of Inventory, Purchases, Sales, Taxes, Discounts, Transactions, Accounts, Payables, Receivables and a lot more. This Pharmacy Management System aims to help

    1. Distributors / Suppliers
    2. Whole Sellers
    3. Medical Stores

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Custom Software Development

Real solutions tailored for your business needs to provide you best of its benefits. It is understandable that what is made especially for you will be really very special for you.

Web Solutions

ePatronus offers complete Web Solution under one roof: Website Designing, Web Application Development, maintenance and backups..

Tools & Technologies

PHP and it Frameworks

Database Development is MySql

Application Development in Yii Framework

Blogs Development in Wordpress

Applications in Joomla

Red Hat Linux services
Professional Trainings by ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
ERP Solution
Remember one thing: if you need an ultimate IT sollution, its an ERP, an Enterprise Resource Planning Management system.
IT Infrastructure by ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
IT Infrastructure
Effective Software and data management can only be achieved with appropriate attention given to the selection of IT Infrastructure...
Offshore IT Services by ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
Offshore Software Development
You may enjoy peace of mind by handing over to us all of your IT related services. We do the job for you.

News & Events

  • News & Events at ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
    Career Opportunity
    Great ideas can come from everywhere in the organization, and we know the next big idea could be yours...
  • News & Events at ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
    Yii Expert Training
    A session of in house training on Yii expert training is being conducted at ePatronus premises.
  • News & Events at ePatronus Enterprise IT Solutions
    Supply Chain Management
    An addition to our products list, Supply Chain Management to manage activities.
Our Expertise! Focused to give you an Ultimate IT Solution

We like to develop you a custome software solution that exactly meets your requirements

    HRM Oriented ERP
  • HRM Oriented ERP

    Its developed around core HRMS and includes Employees Profiles, Attendance Management, Payroll Management, Trainings and Promotions Record.

  • Industry Management System
  • Industry Management System

    It facilitates our industry sector to easily manage their daily work in terms of automating their Quotations, Invoices, Receipts, Marketing efforts, Sales , Accounts, Inventory and a lot more.

  • Our Expertise
    Payroll Management system
  • Payroll Management system

    A simple yet comprehensive and effective Payroll Management System that enables you to calculate, transform and then generate Payroll of all employees, different departments or individuals with simple clicks. You may add as many Tax slots, Allowances and deductions as you need. Generate Pay slips. Integrated with HRMS.

  • Corporate Jobs Portal
  • Corporate Jobs Portal

    Its your online recruitment agent to serve you throughout the process of new hiring: announcing a job vacancy, defining criteria, receiving CVs, shortlisting, commenting and remarks, Calling for interviews and managing the results till final selection. It may be linked to your corporate website e.g. will lead to your corporate Jobs Portal.

  • Patients Management System
  • Patients Management System

    Equipped with management modules for Appointments, Queues and turns, Vitals reading, Doctors prescription, suggested tests, fee and tests cost, previous history. There is also an option to integrate with pharmacy and lab.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Management

    An on-line system covering supply chain in detail so that it accomplish all your needs and enables to record each and every activity.

  • School management System
  • School management System

    It covers each and every aspect of a school or chain of schools that the management is interested to manage: Administration, Teachers and Students Management. Log-in facility for parents and students to see home-work and assignments online including an online Noticeboard for them. Admissions, Fee management, Students Profiles, Exams Management , Classes, Courses Management and a lot more.

  • Inventory Management System
  • Inventory Management System

    All the features required to maintain an inventory of every type. It's a first step to Supply Chain Management. Its intelligent enough to keep track of Safety stock, reorder level, Barcodes, Units of measurements, multiple locations and traceability.s

  • Distribution Management System
  • Distribution Management System

    A blessing for distributors and their circle to count on. It helps distributors to know the status of stock, opening running and closing balance in every market. Graphical presentation of trends for sales in different regions, areas and markets.

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